Ubuntu Ireland Meet and Greet with Canonical in Dublin. 6 months late with the write up!

January 5, 2012

I started writing this post many months ago but never pressed the ‘publish’ button.  Very late posts will most likely become a feature of this blog.  What can I say…

Anyway, for the 29th June 2011, Jeffrey Roe organised a fun  get together between the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo and various members of the Canonical Team and Extended Ubuntu Community who were spending the week in Dublin on a sprint. While I was extremely excited about this event  I arrived at it straight after a twelve hour working day which was not the best way to start a pub meetup.  It was great fun meeting up with some familiar and some not so familiar Ubuntu Ireland folk as well as the amazing amount of energised Canonical people that turned up (This was by far the most registered for event on our  LoCo Team Portal page not the mention the most star studded!!!)

I only got  to talk with a few canonical people and they were great to chat to.  Unfortunately, as I don’t live in Dublin,  I wasn’t able to provide them with good information nuggets about Dublin.  Regrettably, I had a very strict limit to my time in The Porterhouse (Cinderella syndrome) .   As well as arriving there at the end of a 12 hour working day I had the unenviable prospect of dealing with a 12 hour shift the next day also!  On top of that the need for a long commute home that night and again the following morning weighed heavy on my mind.  All this prevented me from diving into the excellent atmosphere that was brewing at the Porterhouse.   I managed to take just a few photos before I broke the battery housing on my daughters camera.  The few pictures that I took can be found here.  I do hope all the Canonical folks had a productive and fun time in Dublin.


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