Ubuntu Ireland LoCo 2012 year end roundup….A relatively quiet year

February 28, 2013

2012 was a relatively quiet year for the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo.  It started off strong, just as 2011 had finished, but activity seemed to fizzled out as the year went on.  As I did with the 2011 year end roundup, I’ve taken details of our 2012 activities from the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo Team Portal Page and, of course, the links that emanate from it.

Let’s get started….

There were a couple of Ubuntu hours held in Dublin early in the year however attendance was low and a decision was taken to suspend these events for the time being.  In addition, Laura Czajkowski, when back in Limerick, also organised a couple of Ubuntu Hours putting a fresh spin on the term calling them Limerick Happy Hours.

At the end of January, a LoCo Team member attended Campus Con 2012 in Waterford and distributed Ubuntu CDs at the event.

There was an Ubuntu Global Jam event held in Limerick during the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) Release Cycle.  Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, the Limerick guys did not put any pictures of the UGJ up (please correct me if I am wrong)

In April, we hosted a release party for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) in Dublin.  It was a quiet affair but enjoyable none the less.  A few photos taken during the party can be found here.

We held six IRC Team meetings in the first seven months of the year but again participation at these meetings declined over time and by July it was decided to suspend these also.

Efforts to reboot our Loco began in the second half of 2012 and I am delighted to say that these reboot efforts are ongoing.

In early October members of our LoCo attended Skycon’12 which was hosted by Skynet, the University of Limerick Computer Society.  This conference took place at the University and the Irish LoCo  manned an Ubuntu table in the  conference common area.  Our sincere thanks go to Canonical for providing us with a conference pack for this event.  A fuzzy pic of me at the Ubuntu table can be seen  here.  This was a great conference, with many wonderful speakers including Mark Shuttleworth whose talk was inspiring.

October was a good month rounded of with two release parties for Ubuntu 12.10.  TOG, the Dublin Hackerspace, very kindly hosted a release party for the Quantal Quetzel in conjunction with their monthly open social evening on Saturday 20 Oct 12.  This again was a quiet affair.  The second release party for Ubuntu 12.10 was hosted by the University of Limerick Computer Society in Limerick on the date of release, 18 Oct 12.  Reports from there indicate that a good night was had by all.

So that was 2012, a relatively quiet year for our LoCo in my opinion but we are still ticking.  I do hope to see momentum build again through 2013 and beyond.


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