And so it begins….

February 7, 2010

This first post has been a long time coming.  I’ve faced some decisions in getting this blog up and running.


Deciding on how to start?

Deciding on what subject matter to cover?

Deciding on who to write for?

As for deciding how to start….Frankly, this post gets me past that particular stumbling block!

Regarding the second question…. well this blog was initially established with the lofty goal of tracking my progress with GNU/Linux as I become re-acquainted with it after a 10 year hiatus (let me stress here that I am a simple home user of GNU/Linux).  I’ve mulled this over for some time now and while I still wish for my experiences with GNU/Linux to form a major part of the blog I also want to include posts about other aspects of my life.  Therefore nothing is ruled in or out and most likely the posts will cover some of life’s highlights as well as personal milestones with GNU/Linux.

Finally, the third question, who to write for?….. I’ve decided on writing it for no one in particular, similar to a personal journal if you will. My thoughts, simply as they are. If I feel any of the forthcoming posts are worthy of a wider audience I’ll try to get the message out by denting, tweeting or some other means.