On Saturday the 11th of June, 2011 Ubuntu Ireland held it’s first Geeknic of the year.  The team decided to try something new this time in line with our expressed desire to hold more events outside of Dublin.  The organisers of  3DCamp, which was held in UL on the 11th, very kindly agreed to allow Ubuntu Ireland hold a geeknic during the Lunch break of that event.  3DCamp was a brilliant barcamp and a great write up of it can be found on multiple posts made by Michelle Moloney King  on her blog.  3DCamp is definitely an event I would recommend and I do hope to attend next year also.

I was a bit nervous about this Geeknic with it being the first one we were holding outside the Pale.  Would anyone be interested? Would anyone turn up?  Ubuntu Ireland was somewhat outside its comfort zone here.  I took some solace from the fact  that fellow team member Jeffrey Roe would definitely be there so at least I would have someone to talk to.  Jeffrey was presenting “Tracking objects in 3D Space, an embedded approach” at 3DCamp  and he made an admirable job of it.  He also participated in the panel discussion at the end of the event.

As things turned out we had a nice few people at the geeknic.  It was great to meet some old and new faces and have a bit of a chat.  As we were tied to the barcamp schedule the geeknic was over quicker than it should have been. All things considered though, I reckon it was a success and something that can definitely be built on.  Some pictures below (Ubuntu Ireland so needs better photographers!!!)