Last Saturday, 14 Sep 13, TOG, Dublin Hackerspace hosted an Ubuntu Global Jam Event from 12 noon till 6pm.  I arrived a little early and was met at TOG by Jeffrey Roe (TOG and Ubuntu Ireland Member).  We briefly chatted about what we would try to achieve during the event and quickly agreed on the topic of testing the daily build.

UGJ Sep 13 no1

Setting Up for UGJ

I set about downloading the daily build iso and building a few live usb sticks from it.  Over the course of the next hour or so a total of seven people rolled up their sleeves to get Jammin’.  This was a great turnout for our small LoCo.  We even had a local young celebrity ubuntu advocate join us.  For background on that I’d suggest you read this article and this other article.  We set about booting up the usb sticks on the various machines present (5 in total, I think) and straight away we came across our first bug on all machines.  Bug# 1225385 “Install log in screen not displaying properly”.  The Ubuntu Foundations Team Bug Bot has requested that we file this bug against the the relevant source package.  I am not sure how we can do this as this error occurs during boot up.  Can anyone point us in the right direction on this?

UGJ Sep 13 no4

UGJ Dublin in full flow!…Testing the daily Build

We spent the day testing our machines and submitting the test results. We commented on the test results where we felt comments would help.   I came across a couple of usability issues with the system testing application itself.   Firstly I experienced some ‘pop under’ windows during the testing process however I could not replicate these and so I did not file a bug against them.  Has anyone else experienced ‘pop under’ windows during the testing process?

The second small issue we all encountered when submitting our results at the end of the testing process was the fact that no confirmation was received by anyone who submitted their test results.  I suppose this isn’t completely necessary but it did leave us wondering whether or not our test results had been submitted successfully.  I did log a bug against this. Bug# 1226581 “No confirmation on submission of System Testing Results report”.  This is more a wishlist item than a bug but I do feel that for people who are new to testing this confirmation of results submission would be welcome.  If anyone can help with this filed bug please give it some consideration.

We failed in our attempts to set up a public Google+ Hangout during the course of the afternoon for other LoCo Team members (Google+ newbie issues hampered this attempt. We will be better prepared next time).  Having failed in our attempt to set up a public G+ hangout we set about hanging out with Laura Czajkowski.  This hangout was far more successful and also extremely entertaining.  Even from London Laura is a powerful force within our LoCo.

My lack of geek credentials provided most of the laughs on the day, I won’t embarrass myself by detailing those laughs here (suffice to say we didn’t quite get as far as “there isn’t any any key!!!”, although it was suggested that I would come out with that one at some stage).   I was happy to provide the entertainment!

At the end of the Jam we chilled and chatted with some old friends that had dropped by.  All in all a hugely successful Jam for our small LoCo Team.  Both productive and fun!

Chillin' and Chattin' after Jammin'

Chillin’ and Chattin’ after Jammin’

Footnote: A few more pics of our Saucy Salamander UGJ can be found here.